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Risk Management


Risk and Control

A risk assessment is an important step in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the digital and physical assets upon which a business relies, and the operational effectiveness of the controls needed to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, availability and safety. Our team can assist you in performing risks assessments including the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of risk.

Risk Management Systems and Frameworks

Our highly experienced consultants can deliver fit-for-purpose risk management systems for identifying, measuring, evaluating, monitoring, reporting, and controlling or mitigating material risks that may affect your business operations. These systems, together with the structures, policies, processes and people supporting them, will comprise your risk management framework, leading to improved accountability, transparency and decision making.

IT Outsourcing and Third-Party Risk Assessments

When outsourcing IT functions or acquiring cloud computing services from a third party, it is important that the strength of the control environment is commensurate with: the risks involved; the sensitivity and criticality of the IT assets involved; and the level of trust that will be placed on the service provider. Our consultants will assist you in understanding the nature and strength of controls required through initial and periodic (or on material change) risk and control assessments.

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